alubeaviel [SU ] Thursday
balemeaviel [SU ] Wednesday
balemeavielon [AV ] on Wednesdays
bareaviel [SU ] Tuesday
bareavielon [AV ] at Tuesdays
batvielon [AV ] today
batvielu [AV ] thereafter
jonvielera [SU ] stay
kabalievielafi [SU ] lamp-shade
konakviele [AV ] several times
konakviele [AV ] repeatedly
konviele [AV ] at some time
kotviele [AV ] always
kotviele [AV ] all
kotvielon [AV ] daily
meviele [AV ] never
taneaviel [SU ] Sunday
taneavielon [AV ] on Sundays
teveaviel [SU ] Friday
tokviele [AV ] when
tokviele [AV ] when
toleaviel [SU ] Monday
toleavielon [AV ] on Mondays
viel [SU ] day
vielaf [AQ ] daily
vielfela [SU ] daily paper
vielgay [SU ] plaza
vielkiava [SU ] good day
vielkobasik [SU ] day labourer
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The asterisk (*) stand for any sequence of characters, including an absence of characters. Examples:

aal* finds all words that begin with "aal": aal, aaleem, aaloc, aalxo, aalk, etc.

*aal finds all words ending with "aal": aal, aejaal, agzonaal, bilkaal, etc., a hundred shrub and tree names.

Some more useful examples: *on and *opa

*viel* finds all words that contain "viel", all kinds of derivates of "viel" such as milvielaf, toleaviel, etc. as well as derivates of "viele".

The question mark (?) stand for any single character.

s? finds all two-character words that begin with "s": sa, se, s, s, s, su.

Also try ?iel and la?.